Saint John of God Hospitaller Services
Saint John of God Hospitaller Services
Saint John of God Community Services Malawi is part of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, which strives to emulate the work and philosophy of Saint John of God. In Malawi, Saint John of God provides community-based mental health services, and services for children with a disability and or special needs. more>>

Our founder

John Cuidad born in Montemor-O-Novo, Portugal, in 1495.
In 1537, John Cuidad (later known as Saint John of God), was a little-known bookseller in the city of Granada, Spain. Sensitive to the suffering and pain of the many homeless people and travellers who sought shelter in doorways or wherever they could find it, John began to bring those who were sick and weak and those unable to cope, to share his accommodation in the porch of the house of his friend, more>>

Saint John of God Centre – Lilongwe (Area 43)

In order to effectively cater for the ever increasing internal and external demand St John of God Hospitaller Services in its 2008 to 2013 strategic plan decided to broaden the services sphere of influence within the areas of service expertise by establishing a service centre in Lilongwe. Hence we established mental health services and services for children with disabilities in November, 2012. The goal of the service is to improve quality of life for people by providing treatment and Care for people with Mental Health Problems, Epilepsy and children with disability in Lilongwe City.

We have been operating from Likuni Mission Hospital, Meanwhile we hereby notify members of the general public that since 11th April 2016 we are operating our new mental health facility in area 43 Lilongwe (Area 43, Ufulu road, behind Emmanuel Teacher Training College). The services provide assessment and treatment of individuals suffering from Mental Health Problems and epilepsy including rehabilitation of those recovering from the Mental Health Problems at the static clinic and day centre respectively.
Provide short term residential support and domiciliary care to people with acute Mental Health Problems admitted at Bwaira and those in their homes respectively within Lilongwe.
Heighten community awareness about Mental Health Problems and how to prevent them.
Provide home based early child services for children with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities in areas around Likuni Mission hospital.

Our Clinic that operates from Monday to Friday is open to all

Mental Health Promotion
Tune in to MBC Radio 1 every Saturday at 11 am for mental health information.

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