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Saint John of God College of Health Sciences


Saint John of God College Contributes to the development of health professionals in Malawi and the sub region through provision of training in:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
Bachelor of Science Degree in Clinical Medicine (Mental Health)

University Diploma in Counselling

University Diploma in Nursing (Registered Nurse)

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The College was established in 2003 and its two courses are accredited to the University of Malawi. The Clinical Medicine is affiliated to Mzuzu University. It strives to be a centre of excellence in education, training, and research for the enhancement of quality of mental health services in Malawi and the sub region.


The Registrar
Saint John of God College of Health Sciences
P.O. Box 744, Mzuzu, Malawi
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Saint John of God Library


Saint John of God Library strives to provide high quality information sources in support of teaching, learning, research and outreach to Faculty, Students, and practitioners within Saint John of God Community Services.




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